Stay Hands Free With iPhone Voice Commands

For all the iPhone lovers there is still one more reason to love this gadget by heart as iPhone 4S provides one of the best features in the form of new intelligent assistant called Siri. With this feature, all you have to do is command the phone to perform certain tasks and the rest will be automatically taken care of by this intelligent iPhone Voice Commands feature. Certainly, iPhone voice command has revolutionized the way we are using our handsets and is one of the best examples of voice recognition technologies.

iPhone 4S Voice Commands

With the help of Siri, you can command your iPhone to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls and many more such functions. iPhone voice commands or Siri is intelligent enough to understand what exactly you wanted to say by understanding the meaning of your command, want more, and then it even talks back with the user.
The best thing about this feature is you need not have to be specific about commanding you just have to speak normally as you always do with your friends or colleagues. When you want to find a nice cafeteria, you can ask your iPhone is there any cool Cafeteria around or you can intimate your colleague about you being late for the meeting by simply saying Remind George I will be running late for the meeting. Siri does the job so well that it answers you back when you ask any questions it is just like having conversation with your iPhone.

For smooth operating all the iPhone voice commands Siri is deeply enrooted with the iOS to conjugate smartly with all the preinstalled applications. Due to this technology, you need not have to check all the applications as Siri, which also performs the task of reading them to you or replying them in regular manner as you always do. 

When you are on call and provide someone with the information of your next possible schedule Siri will scan your calendar for you to check the next availability while you are still conversing with the other person.  Therefore, when you are working without pause you will be working and at the same time, Siri will perform other iPhone-associated jobs for you.

Hold your breath there is still to come from iPhone voice commands because it is enabled to take dictations. Instead of typing just tap the microphone icon on keyboard then just dictate what you want to say tap done and iPhone will translate your voice in to text. You can use this feature to type text messages, emails, search the web, take notes and much more.